Liebster Strikes (Not Once But Twice)

liebster2If you don’t know about the Liebster Award (I sure did not before I received it myself), it is a simple tag through which bloggers nominate other users whose work and writing they like. It is a way to spread the word about great blogs and show appreciation for the posts made by others. Therefore, I thank both Prof. Mcstevie and Cary for choosing me, and I also advise anyone reading this to check out their wonderful blogs: God This Is Gonna Go Wrong and Recollections of Play, respectively.

Getting the Liebster Award means I have to do three things: firstly, I must answer the queries posed by the ones that tagged me; secondly, I need to post eleven random facts about me; finally, I have to list other blogs worthy of the award and ask them a bunch of questions.

Given I have been nominated twice, I have two sets of questions to answer. Let’s get to them. I will tackle the ones made by Cary first since she nominated me before Prof. Mcstevie did.

mario_bros_31- What is your earliest gaming memory?

I am not sure how old I was at the time – I am assuming either three or four years old – but the first videogame console my parents gave me was a NES (unquestionably the wisest choice they could have made at the time). My earliest gaming memory is playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on it and failing to finish it every single time. I had my fun, though.

2- If you were forced to play only multiplayer (local or online) games or only single-player games for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?

Online. Local is indeed better, but given my friends and I have got jobs, gathering a lot of us in the same room is becoming rarer by the year, and when we do meet we tend to go out since most of my best friends are not gamers. So yeah, it has got to be online for me.

3- Put your iPod/mp3 player on shuffle. What are the first five songs that play?

“Bad Seed” – Metallica

“Bristol Steam Convention Blues” – The Byrds

“Debaser” – Pixies

“Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” – The Smiths

“Life Is Simple In The Moonlight” – The Strokes

4- What do you think video games will look like in 2115?

I am sure it will involve virtual reality glasses, and for the sake of my descendants I hope Nintendo will still be around.

zebes5- What video game setting/world would be a great place to visit but a bad place to live?

It has got to be Zebes. It is advisable, however, that such visit occurs when one is equipped with a power suit. Otherwise, things can go pretty bad.

6- You decide to go shopping. Do you leave the house or go online?

Online. Unless it is for clothing. I don’t go to the mall often, though; I dislike them, especially because I live in a city with so much natural beauty (more on that on the random facts about me).

7- Do you tend to keep or trade/sell your games?

I have sold two games my whole life, it was on the tail end of the Nintendo 64 era and eleven-year-old me was trying to save money to buy the upcoming GameCube. I have regretted selling those games (Mario Kart 64 and World Cup 98) ever since. I have gotten the first one back, though.

8- Name one video game artifact (i.e. not a game) that belongs in a fine arts museum.

If it is a museum that is inclined to take in items that are representative of pop culture, then it has got to be Mario’s Super Mushroom. If it is a fancier sort of museum, then I will nominate any one of Okami’s settings; those things should be hanging from walls beside the Mona Lisa.

majoras9- Name one video game artifact that should be destroyed for the sake of all humanity.

Majora’s Mask. They say the evil spirit leaves the mask by the end of the game, but just look at that thing… do you really think it can be completely devoid of evil?

10- What is your favorite historical era?

The Age of Discovery or The Golden Age of Piracy were probably spectacular if you were either an explorer or a pirate.

11- What was the last thing you wrote by hand?

A composition for my Spanish class just last week. It was about how reality is perceived differently by everyone – deep stuff.

1. What got you into blogging?

I was sixteen – it was 2006 – and I was starting to learn how to write complete texts in English, so I decided that blogging would be a good way to practice. Almost ten years later, here I am still doing it.

2. How often do you stay up all night?

I am a morning person, so it is a very rare occurrence. I do stay up all night between four and five times a year, though.

asoif3. What’s a story you’d like to tweak a little bit, maybe smooth the curves a little?

I am a big fan of A Song of Ice and Fire, and I have read through the forums of the books so much I have a few ideas on how some things could be improved.

4. How many times have you moved house in your life?

Just once. I moved about 300 meters within the same neighborhood when I was four. My parents left the small house they were renting and bought an apartment. Hopefully that number will go up to two soon since I am planning on moving out.

5. What would the first thing out of your mouth be if you were suddenly told you were the president of the USA?

“Call Reggie Fils-Aime right now! Nintendo of America must bring Mother 3 to the United States or else…”

6. How comfortable is your set-up to blog? Are you sitting down, on the move etc.?

Sitting down, and I usually write my texts when I have a break at work.

7. How did you start to market yourself as one among many in the blog-o-sphere?

I am not sure I have started doing that! Maybe I should?!

8. Do you or anyone you know suffer from shyness?

I do! It is not terrible or anything; I can speak in front of other people just fine and I usually perform quite well in presentations, most of that comes from a teacher’s course that I took when I was 18 and that helped me overcome my previous fear of speaking in public. However, I am usually very quiet and it takes me a long time to get used to “new people”.

Pixies9. What would your superhero name and power be?

Tony. And my super power would be riding around on my bicycle like a pony. Why? Because I would get to have this awesome theme.

10. You are told you have a family member in prison, how do you react?

I am not sure… I would probably try to talk directly to said family member to hear their side of the story first.

11. Would you rather be in stone cold silence or a loud, chaotic environment?

I love peace, quiet, and nature! So stone cold silence is my choice.

Now, here are some random facts about me:

rio-de-janeiro1- I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Yes, that wonderful paradisiac city that is also plagued by major problems such as violence, poverty, and corruption (just like the rest of the country).

2- Since I live in a place with so much natural beauty, most of which is available to be visited for free, I love just being outside. I ride my bike by the beaches and other sights on weekends, hike with my friends to the top of mountains that hold quite a view of the city, and do lots of other outdoor activities.

3- I love learning languages! I am fluent in Portuguese and English, but I also speak Spanish and French. I don’t have as much domain over those last two languages as I have over the first pair, but I could survive with relative ease in countries dominated by those idioms.

4- I have two jobs: my normal full-time work is being a Systems Analyst in one of the countries largest IT companies, one that holds what is perhaps one of Latin America’s largest databases; and on Saturday morning I teach English.

5- I listen to a lot of music (in case you have not noticed, some of my blog titles are references to songs; this one, for example, references a The Clash song out of the enormous “Sandinista!” album). I try to listen to at least three new albums every week (I usually listen to them two times every day).

mk6- Twice – between November 2008 and January 2009, and between December 2010 and February 2011 – I worked at Walt Disney World through a College Program Disney maintains. Those were the best months I have ever lived.

7- On those two aforementioned trips I worked at the Magic Kingdom. The first time around, I operated Goofy’s Barnstormer; and on the second timespan I was a custodial on the Frontierland, Adventureland, and Liberty Square sections of the park.

8- I am Brazilian, but I dislike soccer. The sports I like to watch are: baseball, football, golf, formula one, and basketball.

9- Even though I work with technology and I have a bachelor degree in Computer Science, I refuse to have Internet on my cellphone. I am positively scared of how most people are completely addicted to and dependent on their cellphones to live nowadays, and I do not want to become one of them.

10- My two favorite TV shows ever are Seinfeld and Frasier. Call me close-minded, but I doubt anything will ever top their greatness.

11- When Ocarina of Time was released I gave it a try to check if I wanted to purchase it. Given my limitations with the English language at the time, I couldn’t play it properly. Therefore, I – instead – opted to purchase the dreadful Bomberman Hero. Don’t blame me, I was only seven!

Now to my eleven questions:

1- What was the best trip you have ever taken?

2- What are your three favorite movies?

3- What game does everyone seem to like but you do not?

4- What game do you like but everyone else seems to hate?

5- What characters should be added to the next Super Smash Bros. installment?

6- What long-gone gaming franchise needs to be resurrected?

7- What long-standing gaming franchise needs to go?

8- What job you would never take?

9- What would be your reaction if extraterrestrial beings made contact with us?

10- What is your favorite videogame song?

11- Will you forbid your children to play videogames whose ratings are not appropriate for their age?

Here are my nominees, and since I know many great writers around WordPress, I would like to apologize in advance for not being able to mention all of them.

Wizard Dojo

A Lady and Gaming

A Most Agreeable Pastime

Extra Life Reviews

Very Very Gaming

8 thoughts on “Liebster Strikes (Not Once But Twice)

  1. Quite interesting. Great write-up with your answers!

    I also never knew about this award until seeing this, but glad to see that I’ve been nominated (and the first one mentioned…I’m flattered)! Looks like I need to get cracking.

        1. Seinfeld is just epic!

          I am not sure if there is a limitation for nominees…. so I decided to keep it to 5.

          And the Liebster blogs I have seen always have something like 10 or 11 factoids.

  2. Thanks Matt! I’m so glad I got your nomination, just saw it today ☺️
    But as its a day off here in the Netherlands (we are celebrating 70 years of the liberation struggle of our country in WW II) it will be a perfect time to answer your questions!

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