About the Scoring System

When it comes to games in particular, scoring is always a touchy subject, but as someone who loves numbers, not awarding the games evaluated here any sort of exact punctuation would make my reviews come off as incomplete. For that reason, a scoring system composed of five features was devised.

Games are graded from 1 to 10 in five different categories that while neither original nor revolutionary do quite a good job in encompassing everything that is important regarding a videogame. They are: Graphics, Gameplay, Sound, Value, and Fun.

Aside from the traditional four areas of Gameplay, Graphics, Value, and Sound, I have decided to add one more category dubbed Fun. I believe every game has various intangibles that can neither be filed under nor evaluated by any of the other areas, so the Fun metric will allow me to rate those untouchable elements and also tilt the score towards a number I find to be more fitting for the game.

The final score is calculated through the weighted average of the five listed criteria. The weights are:

  • Gameplay (Weight: 3)
  • Graphics (Weight: 1.5)
  • Sound (Weight: 1)
  • Value (Weight: 2)
  • Fun (Weight: 2.5)

All game reviews feature, after all the text, a simple scoring board with the points given to the five categories and the final overall score, as seen in the example below.