Scoring System

This website’s scoring system is rather straightforward. It works on a ten-point scale, ranging from one to ten. Furthermore, in an attempt to give some actual meaning to what would, otherwise, be a bunch of mysterious numbers, each point on the scale has been associated with an adjective that nicely sums up the author’s feelings towards the game in question. This association is as follows:

10 – Masterpiece
9 – Phenomenal
8 – Excellent
7 – Very Good
6 – Good
5 – Average
4 – Bad
3 – Very Bad
2 – Awful
1 – Unplayable

As such, games within the range that goes from six to ten are positively evaluated and recommended, albeit to very different degrees, whereas those that achieve scores between one and four are not recommended. Those that are rated as being average, meanwhile, are unlikely to make any sort of impact on those who play them.

As usual, it is important to keep in mind that the scores, as well as the contents of the reviews, simply reflect how I feel towards the game. The world is, thankfully, full of diverging opinions, so one’s mileage may strongly vary.