Ultimately, the features that make Bastion remarkable are intimately connected to its presentation, be it in the unique manner it chooses to broadcast its plot or in its visual and musical splendor. And those are, in the end, the traits that are bound to deeply mark those who play it. Still, below that shiny surface, lies a quest supported by very strong mechanics. In injecting the options and customization usually available in role-playing quests into a combat system and progression style commonly found in hack and slash titles, Bastion strikes an engaging balance between action and strategy. And although its core does carry a high degree of simplicity, it succeeds in dodging the traps of repetition thanks to how it is always building levels around different scenarios that slightly affect gameplay. For those reasons, even if its graphics and narration will be the strongest memories players will have regarding the game, these two elements are likely to work as hooks that will bring to the surface delightful recollections of adventure and combats.

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