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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Review

Ghost Trick is one of the best games on the Nintendo DS, and that is saying a lot for system that had a life cycle of six years during which it built one of the strongest lineups the gaming world has ever seen. The game presents an extremely original concept that is as engaging as it is fresh, and the solid writing behind that element makes it materialize in a remarkable way. There is not much to the game when it comes to replay value, but the regular adventure lasts for some good twelve hours and it is hard to forget all the remarkable moments the game provides players with. Among many of the original concepts that found their home on the Nintendo DS, Ghost Trick is one of the most refreshing.

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Okamiden Review

Okamiden is one of the best titles in a system that is widely know for its strong library and certainly one of the grandest adventures to ever be put inside a Nintendo handheld. It is a precious gift to a world that, for a little while there, ran the risk of never again playing a new Okami game. We should all be thankful Amaterasu blessed us with yet another journey into the world of Nippon.

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The World Ends With You Review

The World Ends With You ends up being a game that is as original as an RPG created by Square Enix can be. It may have its share of problems, coming from both the JRPG traditions it sometimes tends to follow and the bold moves it performs to bring new fantastic elements to the table and take full advantage of the Nintendo DS’ hardware, but none of them will make gamers forget about how big of an accomplishment the game is truly is. Because, as it turns out, adventures with such perfect storytelling and refreshing gameplay do not appear as often as they should. The World Ends With You is a one-of-a-kind flawed masterpiece, and its incredible plot twists, thrilling battles, and unique setting are more than enough to explain the passionate cult that surrounds the game.

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Scribblenauts Review

In the end, Scribblenauts is a very ambitious project that suffers due to its massive scope. Although all of its shortcomings are extremely hard to ignore, the game is still very enjoyable and players with great creative minds will certainly have much more fun than those who are a little short on the inventive side. The game has nearly endless value, as levels can be replayed over and over again thanks to their immense array of solutions – which even award players with extra points according to certain criteria. Overall, it is a package that is recommended to pretty much everyone. It is easy to get into it and its concept draws the interest of both gamers and non-gamers.

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Kirby Mass Attack Review

Saying that a Kirby game is cute is like raving about how wet water is: it goes without saying, but that is truly the best adjective to describe the game’s presentation. It goes beyond the colorful cheerful graphics, which take a surprisingly darker turn in some stages; or the cheery songs that accompany the little pink army through its adventure. If one Kirby facing enemies, being hit, getting into complicated situations and making faces and expressions is already rather entertaining, it is easy to imagine how hilarious and heart-lifting it is to watch 10 Kirbies being shaken off by an enemy only to fall dizzy to the ground, or witness as a water vortex sucks desperate pink creatures into doom. The game finds a point between cute and funny and explores it during the whole adventure, making Kirby more adorable than he has ever been.

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Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story Review

Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story is the defining moment of the Nintendo DS. As the handheld approached the end of its cycle, Nintendo and AlphaDream crafted the ultimate double-screen masterpiece, which utilizes every single feature the system has to offer in a very natural and fun way while squeezing every bit out of the machine’s hardware. Match that with great level design, a brilliant core gameplay concept, amazing art, the unique charm of the Mario RPG titles, over twenty hours of gameplay and you have one of the best titles Nintendo has ever put out in the market and one that safely lives up to the wonders of Superstar Saga.

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The Long and Winding Road – Part III


On the third article on the history of the Mario Kart franchise, we see Mario and his friends make an incursion on the online realm on Mario Kart DS, and look back on how Mario Kart Wii delivered the biggest and most complete game of the series up to now.

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