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Forgiving the Unforgivable

Through so many years of so many letdowns, it is clear that some fans turned their backs on Nintendo either due to one of those doubtful moves or because of the sum of all parts. However, the number of people who decided to forgive, wait and develop – once more – trust in the company’s abilities were fairly rewarded. For every appealing Eastern game that was not localized to the West there was an incredible RPG; for every year that Samus stayed in the limbo there were five hours of gameplay in the fantastic trilogy that followed the lull; for every horrible Mario game there was an adventure featuring the plumber that blasted into historical greatness; for every ridiculous song in Donkey Konga there was a stage exploding in creativity in Donkey Kong Country Returns and its sequel; for every CD-i Zelda game there were many unforgettable Hylian adventures; for every inadequate Star Fox game there was a new IP or a fun adventure starring a reborn Kirby; for every botched up relationship with third-parties there were unexpected partnerships that resulted in incredible titles; and for every disastrous system there were more than plenty of successful ones.

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E3 2017: Thoughts and Words

If during E3 2016 Nintendo did not have much to show other than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which was pretty understandable given the colossal impact the game had, E3 2017 was a quite different scenario. Looking to power the Switch through its first year of life while keeping the flame of its sales phenomenon pretty well-fed with oxygen, and trying to show gamers that the 3DS is still a system that will receive their support, the company gave fans quite a bit to look forward to. Games that were still unknown to the general public were revealed, and upcoming projects whose names have been written on people’s calendars for quite a while were further detailed.

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Kirby Mass Attack Review

Saying that a Kirby game is cute is like raving about how wet water is: it goes without saying, but that is truly the best adjective to describe the game’s presentation. It goes beyond the colorful cheerful graphics, which take a surprisingly darker turn in some stages; or the cheery songs that accompany the little pink army through its adventure. If one Kirby facing enemies, being hit, getting into complicated situations and making faces and expressions is already rather entertaining, it is easy to imagine how hilarious and heart-lifting it is to watch 10 Kirbies being shaken off by an enemy only to fall dizzy to the ground, or witness as a water vortex sucks desperate pink creatures into doom. The game finds a point between cute and funny and explores it during the whole adventure, making Kirby more adorable than he has ever been.

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Kirby: Planet Robobot Review

Like pretty much all games of the franchise, Kirby: Planet Robobot is rock-solid. Differently from most of the series’ latest releases, though, it simply fails to be truly remarkable. The mechanical theme that permeates the worlds, enemies, traps, bosses, and levels is intriguing, and the reutilization of the tridimensional visual tricks of Triple Deluxe is commendable given how creative that game was. However, the recipe never truly clicks, giving birth to an adventure that is usually plain and rarely flooring. HAL Laboratory ends up turning in a game that is full of good intentions and charm, but whose heart is just not quite in it.

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Kirby’s Adventure Review

More than the NES’ technological pinnacle, Kirby’s Adventure – despite not being the first title to come out for the franchise – ends up being the entry responsible for setting many of the pink puffball’s hallmarks to stone. Most importantly, though, is the fact that even after all these years Kirby’s Adventure still stands solidly, shunning the status of a museum piece and offering a pleasant gameplay experience that is right within the ranges of fun and relaxation the character tends to explore. It is a joyous, colorful, and both visually and musically delightful adventure that is sure to find a soft spot in the hearts of gamers that appreciate not only old-school gaming, but games that are well-designed and free spirited.

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When the Same is Different

Nevertheless, regardless of the process, those are titles that show Nintendo’s failure to deliver a stream of new franchises is, to say the least, very deceiving. The company is constantly pulling off concepts of great originality, but often employing them as creative means to present their well-known characters in never-seen-before ways.

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The Right Way

It is hard to pinpoint exactly when that tide began to shift and developers started looking at sidescrollers differently, but on the Nintendo camp that turnaround could easily be traced back to 2006’s New Super Mario Bros. The first original Mario sidescroller in a whopping fourteen years, the game – as its title plainly indicates – was marketed as a return to the stripped down platforming basics of the Super Mario Bros. trilogy.

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