Little King’s Story

Little King’s Story is, then, a prime example of the Wii’s hidden treasure trove of third-party software. It may not have a big recognizable name, but it charmingly achieves a level of greatness that popular franchises sometimes fail to reach. It is an original take on the real-time strategy formula that mixes it up with world-building elements and the exploration found in the best adventure games. Being king is certainly not an easy task, especially when such a job comes with battles for world domination in its horizon; however, Little King’s Story makes it a whole lot of fun, and, if players are able to look past its punctual control issues, they will find a title that is great in size, heart, soul, and quality.

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Helping Hands – Part I

While it is a fact the Wii did not receive many of the big-shot titles produced by third-parties, which explains why most outsiders believed the console lacked in that area, it got a good number of fully exclusive software that took advantage of the system’s hardware, some of which were up-to-par with what was offered on both the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. It’s time to remember and celebrate some of those wonderful games.

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