Metroid Prime Hunters

Much of the incredible success of the Metroid Prime franchise can be attributed to its decision to embrace a first-person perspective while keeping true to the saga’s roots, therefore ignoring the shooting tendencies that dominated the market at the time. As a game that jumps on that initially undesirable action bandwagon, it is easy to look down on Metroid Prime Hunters like a quest that abandons the series’ idiosyncrasies in favor of more straightforward gameplay. Making that judgment too quickly, though, could be a mistake, because although it is undeniable the title presents that transition, it does not shun the Metroid aura completely. Certainly, it has much more blasting foes than exploring and backtracking; it can be too formulaic; and it has key flaws that most of the top shooting games would not have. However, the thrill it produces cannot be overlooked, and by creating a Metroid experience that obviously favors shooting but that does not forget the value of eventually making players question where they need to go to, Metroid Prime Hunters is a smart detour with respectable quality. It could not possibly compete with its console peers, so it chose to build a niche of its own. And even though the operation is not perfect, it is good enough not to be dismissed.

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