Golf Story

With its accessibility, charm, and quality, Golf Story has the capacity to draw in both those who admire the sport and those who do not. Centering a gaming experience around the combination of RPG elements with golf may not be a completely fresh idea, but it is one that was abandoned so distantly in the past that the game ends up feeling either like a major discovery or like the realization of a long-lost dream for gamers who wish Nintendo had continued to explore this very mixture in the Mario Golf games. Golf Story, however, is more than the picking up of a torch that was once let go. Despite a couple of minor design issues and a generally tame difficulty, the title shines by taking the concept of a role-playing sports game and expanding it to its furthest reaches, pairing the expected tournaments and matches with various sidequests, distinct wacky tasks that are somehow solved by taking golf shots, and the touching simple story of a man who tries to find redemption in the midst of fairways and greens. Golf Story is, therefore, the maturation of an idea that started out quite promising and that, after quite a while, is at last taken to its maximum realization.

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