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Splatoon 2 Review

First and foremost, though, regardless of roadblocks and issues, Splatoon 2 is uncannily fun. There is some sort of subconscious joy intimately related with joining three people and battling another four-member team to see who – in three minutes – is able to ink the biggest portion of the scenario’s floor. Much of it is actually related to how it is easy to feel one is contributing to the team’s progress. As eliminating rivals is not the focus of the match, as all it does is making the defeated player inactive for a few seconds and sending them back to their team’s spawning point, even inexperienced gamers can succeed in achieving the main objective of Turf Wars, the most family friendly mode of Splatoon, which is painting the stage with the team’s color.

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Born Under Punches

Where most fighting games rely on baffling combinations of buttons, ARMS leans on actions (punching, blocking, rushing, moving, jumping, grabbing, and dashing) that demand the execution of a simple move or the press of a sole button (depending on the control scheme of choice). And where those game thrive in complicated combos, ARMS just asks its players to study the quirks of each of its characters, dive into the effects of its dozens of arms, pick the set that suits them best, and use creativity and fast-thinking on the rings to employ the simple actions the fighters can perform in ways that are appropriate to the situations they will find themselves in.

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E3 2017: Thoughts and Words

If during E3 2016 Nintendo did not have much to show other than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which was pretty understandable given the colossal impact the game had, E3 2017 was a quite different scenario. Looking to power the Switch through its first year of life while keeping the flame of its sales phenomenon pretty well-fed with oxygen, and trying to show gamers that the 3DS is still a system that will receive their support, the company gave fans quite a bit to look forward to. Games that were still unknown to the general public were revealed, and upcoming projects whose names have been written on people’s calendars for quite a while were further detailed.

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Splatoon Review

When the battle begins, though, all minor issues that surround Splatoon are promptly forgotten. As those mad artists armed with a myriad of weapons start painting scenarios that were originally a pale canvas, Nintendo reaches for the kind of fun and competition found in the company’s other two multiplayer giants: Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. It is arguable, however, that Splatoon attains competitiveness in a much smoother and smarter way than that enormous pair, because while both of those titles embrace rookies and experts alike and try to give them equal chances to win through the creation of devices that allow those on the losing end to suddenly raise their chances of victory, Splatoon achieves the same with pure built-in balance.

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Splatoon finds the impossibly tight intersection where the three mighty axis of the universally engaging multiplayer experience meet: accessibility, depth, and competitiveness. It is the shiny Eldorado every company attempts to strike, but that Nintendo – like a lucky, or highly competent, explorer that has come to posses a map that shows the position of whatever it is he wants the most – stumbles upon it all the time while competitors are sailing the other way across the Atlantic towards shores populated by hungry cannibals.

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Painting in the Blanks

Although Nintendo’s throughput of new franchises has diminished, they are not exactly just sitting on their laurels, and they are still trying to expand their hold towards other genres. In fact, one of the reasons the company has failed to deliver a constant stream of new IPs is that its fresh properties tend to try to explore different grounds instead of simply mining terrain that has already been handled.

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E3 2014: Thoughts and Words Part II

As a testament to how many awesome games Nintendo had in display, the list of E3 2014 titles had to be split into two posts. So here is the second part of all the goodness showcased by the company.

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