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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Review

Simply put, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is a fun, unexpected, unlikely, and very welcome addition to the Nintendo Switch’s catalog. At this point, it is unknown how many years the console’s lifespan will last and how much support it will get from third-parties; regardless of the value of those variables, though, it is pretty clear Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle will stand as one of the console’s finest overall entries. A product of Nintendo’s pleasant recent tendency to be less protective of its franchises and to open up its business model, it is a sign that – when handled by other parties and with the proper oversight – those properties can be taken to interesting places. If Mario + Rabbids is the first of numerous unforeseen partnerships, Nintendo fans are in for a treat. All that it takes is for those someones who are somewhere to step up to the plate with their courageous ideas; may the doors of opportunity be forever blasted open.

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The Wild, The Innocent and The Mushroom Kingdom Shuffle

More importantly than being interesting, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is great. The madness of its plot and of the way through which both universes are joined works because Mario and the Rabbids exist in worlds where events do not need to make sense. Moreover, the concept is supported by solid gameplay. Alternating exploration segments where Mario and his two partners of choice need to solve puzzles in order to progress through one of the four worlds; and strategic and challenging shooting affairs where alternatives need to be analyzed if players are to succeed, the game clicks and finds a way to embrace newcomers to the genre, which its charming presentation and colorful characters are bound to attract, and veterans too, who will flock to it once they hear of the tight design of its strategy gameplay.

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Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Review

Where Warrior Within was a pit of darkness that from time to time bordered on bland and generic, The Two Thrones is colorful, bright and extremely lighthearted: it is The Sands of Time reborn. With the return of a storybook presentation, the game is able to provide a final chapter that is both intriguing and dramatic on the delivery of its plot that nicely wraps up the Prince’s many struggles against destiny. Through its technically impressive cutscenes and solid voice acting, the character development in The Two Thrones is able to capture most gamers’ eyes in a way that was not seen on its predecessor and if great trilogies are usually closed with fantastic installments then this game does a great job in fitting that bill.

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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Review

Warrior Within is a very irregular sequel. The game possesses the same stellar level design that made its predecessor shine, and it also improves on combat and overall length, even if it suffers from a poor artistic direction that made the title lose a good part of its personality. Apparently, though, the short time span between releases seriously harmed the game, for many issues were not fixed and ended up making it into the game’s final retail version. In spite of those major shortcomings, Warrior Within is still a must-buy, because its fifteen-hour adventure and delightful platforming are more than enough to make up for its technical shortcomings.

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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Review

The Sands of Time is a nearly flawless game. Its replay value almost solely depends on how fun players will find the experience as there are barely any collectibles to be found, and chances are once one gets to end of the game – something that will happen within 10 to 15 hours – one will have already seen it all. Still, its high production value and pure platforming puzzle-solving fun mixed with exciting battles are sure to make players come back for more. The addition of the original Prince of Persia is a bonus to long time fans and an opportunity for those who are not familiar with the origins of the series to get to know them better. Overall, The Sands of Time is a must-buy for anyone with a love for action, platforming and great humor.

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Assassin’s Creed III Review

Overall, Assassin’s Creed III has more content than the average gamer is able to handle. Unfortunately, that overwhelming amount of tasks and the nice design of its overworld are terribly marred by a central quest that is more focused on telling a story than providing players with an exciting gaming experience. It has its moments and it features a very solid group of side-missions that pushes players to explore its world, but the outcome is a title that falls far away from the level reached by its direct predecessor and successor alike.

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Rayman Origins Review

As the curtain closes, most players will come to very same conclusion: Rayman Origins is the best 2-D platformer of its generation. It lands in Kirby’s Epic Yarn territory with its stunning art, it pulls off old-school moments that had only been achieved by New Super Mario Bros Wii, it holds as many level design surprises as Donkey Kong Country Returns, it features puzzle elements absent from those titles, and it manages to be more challenging than all of them.

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