Wario Land 3

Simply put, the scope, ambition, content, and wild creativity of Wario Land 3 cannot be denied. Its status as an improvement over its predecessor may be questionable. After all, not only does such an assessment heavily depends on how one perceives the very different gameplay styles they employ, but it is also hard to clearly surpass one of the greatest sidescrollers of all time. Its position as a masterful platformer is, however, forever written in stone, for rarely has a game combined two seemingly heterogeneous genres so finely while remaining true to the essence of both. And although Nintendo has gone on to produce many other handheld systems and games since Wario Land 3, seldom will one come across a portable adventure that is as large, bold, and constantly clever. The title infuses the relatively simple bones of a sidescrolling platformer with the complex meat of a Metroidvania quest, and what comes out of it is an experience that, though not for all, will certainly awe anyone with a love for intricate design and challenge.

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