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Okami Review

Despite the occasional problems players may have when using the Celestial Brush via the Wiimote, it is hard – not to say impossible – to walk away from Okami with the feeling that it is one beautiful game. Its beauty, though, is not of the superficial kind. Surely, there is a great deal of eye-candy and artistic glory to be found in its thirty-hour journey, and it is hard to avoid walking towards a beach or to a peak just to spin the camera around and bask under the magnificence of its watercolor spell. However, Okami’s real beauty is found in a level that is emotional – borderline spiritual. It is in the growth of its characters, the message of its script, and the soul that was poured into every single one of its tightly designed corners. To boot, it fills up that loveliness with a gameplay that drinks from the very best sources and that adds a special thematically cohesive flavor of its own to the recipe.

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Zack & Wiki: Quest For Barbaros’ Treasure Review

Zack & Wiki’s gorgeous cell-shaded art style; its soundtrack, which conjures feelings of adventure and exploration; and its beautiful graphics, which sadly lead to some frame-rate drops in stages that feature too many foes or a big boss; may indicate it is yet another one of those games that tries to appeal to children based on looks and feel alone. However, these assets hide one brutal and creative adventure that transcends the boundaries of four popular genres to bring their elements together into one continuously flooring puzzle-solving spectacle. It is so utterly unique it calls for the creation of a genre in which it can exist by itself; it is so surprising it will leave the cleverest solutions to its greatest puzzles forever imprinted in the minds of those who go through it; and it is so unfairly overlooked it should be ranked way up high in any list of the best titles most gamers have never played.

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Little King’s Story Review

Little King’s Story is, then, a prime example of the Wii’s hidden treasure trove of third-party software. It may not have a big recognizable name, but it charmingly achieves a level of greatness that popular franchises sometimes fail to reach. It is an original take on the real-time strategy formula that mixes it up with world-building elements and the exploration found in the best adventure games. Being king is certainly not an easy task, especially when such a job comes with battles for world domination in its horizon; however, Little King’s Story makes it a whole lot of fun, and, if players are able to look past its punctual control issues, they will find a title that is great in size, heart, soul, and quality.

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Cave Story Review

If one were to narrow down Cave Story’s location to a single branch on a big tree of different gameplay designs, it would probably be located on the limb that houses Super Metroid and its less memorable peers. The game world is set up in a way that makes all of its many areas connected via a series of teleports, and even if its many settings are not as cohesively knitted together as Super Metroid’s, it is simply impossible not to make such a comparison because the caves have many different scenarios, a maze-like configuration, a few collectibles along the way, and – most importantly – some level of backtracking. Although it does share a lot of characteristics with the Metroid series, Cave Story never triggers déjà-vu feelings due to the pace of its gameplay and a few RPG-like elements which make it vastly differ from Samus’ crowning 2-D achievement.

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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Review

The split and more digestible overworld, the fact that Samus has got some close company to deal with the current galactic menace, and the more frequent shooting segments will undoubtedly bother some fans. In the end, though, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is excellent; a fitting closing chapter to one of gaming’s finest trilogies and a title that is able to give closure to the themes and stories approached in the three installments that make up the Metroid Prime saga. A technically perfect game with an extremely smooth and intuitive control scheme that takes full advantage of what the Wii offers, it streamlines the traditional Metroid gameplay to embrace a new audience while doing a great job at preserving the franchise’s key characteristics: its overwhelming power of immersion, its ominous loneliness, and the engaging process of figuring out its maze-like maps.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Review

Never has a game been this big, intricate, and ambitious; and rarely has a title offered as much content. Xenoblade Chronicles X is an amazing package that pulls players into a marvelous world within which they can exist and survive for more than one hundred hours. It has details and developments scattered all around its world and its missions, and the bits of satisfaction that it drops as gamers sink deeper and deeper into Mira make the effort and dedication it demands more than worthy. It is an unrelenting source of joy and wonder; a title that serves as a prime example of how gaming is capable of crafting full-fledged parallel universes into which we can gladly walk and explore for hours, plunging into a reality whose amazingly detailed and appealing mysteries are an endless pit of motivation.

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Rayman Origins Review

As the curtain closes, most players will come to very same conclusion: Rayman Origins is the best 2-D platformer of its generation. It lands in Kirby’s Epic Yarn territory with its stunning art, it pulls off old-school moments that had only been achieved by New Super Mario Bros Wii, it holds as many level design surprises as Donkey Kong Country Returns, it features puzzle elements absent from those titles, and it manages to be more challenging than all of them.

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