Nintendobound was born, or at least began being conceived, back in 2006. I was about to turn 16 and I was starting to learn how to write full texts in English. I figured that writing about the things I loved – in other words, videogames – would be a good way to practice and improve my skills not only in terms of writing itself but also regarding the English language as a whole.

I, then, created a profile and a blog at Gamespot and started writing reviews, impressions, and articles with my thoughts on Nintendo-related subjects, an activity that became a hobby within a hobby itself and that I kept doing regularly until late 2013, until which point I had accumulated over 1,000 posts and about 180 reviews. When that year came and Gamespot’s focus sadly shifted away from blogs, I decided to start from scratch on a new platform and Nintendobound came to be, a name which pays a little humble homage to one of the quirkiest and best Nintendo games of all time: the cult classic EarthBound.

Although games are the main focus of this blog and of my posts in general, gaming is not the only subject I am interested in and enjoy writing about. I used to publish a lot of album reviews here; so much, in fact, that I eventually opted to create a blog dedicated exclusively to them. Nintendobound still has posts about albums that I wrote in the past; new music-related pieces, though, will be posted on Hi-Fi Adventures.

I am open to suggestions regarding games and albums that could be covered. So feel free to speak your mind.