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The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie Review

Still, The Great Circus Mystery is able to carry enough redeeming features to keep it interesting. Playing it alongside others is fun; its soundtrack is filled with great tunes, even if the fact most of them are pretty brief means that they loop a little bit too frequently for their own good; its twelve boss encounters are creative; and its level of difficulty is good although its continue system, which takes players back to the mid-level checkpoint once all lives are lost instead of making them return to the stage’s start, comes off as not sufficiently punishing.

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Zombies Ate My Neighbors Review

Given its development by LucasArts, a group of folks that were once masters of parody, humor, and stylish goofiness, it is only natural that the game’s major and more noticeable strength is its quirkiness. Zeke and Julie are extravagantly designed, and the neighbors that must be rescued are ridiculously insane, because only the craziest – and best – kind of people would be barbecuing, relaxing on the pool, cheer-leading or leisurely taking in the sights while the gates of hell are blown apart and monsters from all kinds are invading once-peaceful territory.

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Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest Review

Yet, there is just no way around it: Donkey Kong Country 2 is one the, if not the, best sidescrolling platformers of all time. It checks all requirements with style: it has a great amount of extra content, a daunting but fair level of difficulty, unforgettable enemies that are fondly remembered until this very day, good boss battles, clever mechanics and creative levels that make full use of them. What takes it over the top, though, are its haunting atmosphere that combines cartoonish inspirations with a dark quest of urgent nature and a soundtrack for the ages. Donkey Kong Country 2 proved that, more than mere competition for the plumber, Rareware had the capacity to craft games to top Nintendo’s best efforts.

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Super Metroid Review

Some games spend the whole length of their running time searching for a defining watermark; a moment of remarkable weight that will be imprinted in the minds of gamers for decades to come. For Super Metroid, though, that quest comes to an end right as it is turned on. The words “Metroid 3” come in as if relayed from a mysterious outer space source, indicating the game’s placement on the franchise’s timeline, and, soon thereafter, players are met with a vision of utter calamity: as an ominous tune plays on the background, a dimly lit room filled with dead scientists is shown, and while the machinery remains operational, a lonely caged Metroid screeches as if calling out to someone.

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